Management Consulting
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  • New York Public Library
• Merrill Lynch
• Citigroup
• GE Heller
• American Bible Society

Management Consulting Services

Improve business results
JD&A’s management consulting services assist in improving our clients’ business results throughout the real estate and facilities life-cycle. This is accomplished by developing and implementing policies, procedures and systems to successfully manage an organization’s real estate and facilities. Our management consulting services develop solutions for our clients’ unique challenges. A few recent consulting projects include:

  • Development of management efficiency studies
  • Creation of customized policies and procedures for real estate and facilities projects
  • Development of project management courses and on-site training for in-house real estate and facilities departments
  • Procurement bidding, negotiating and contracting consulting and process development
  • Selection and coordination of CAFM and other technology for managing real estate, human resources and assets

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